Founded in 1983 the Thirty six volunteer members are experienced in forest searches and water rescues.  Provide support for the RCMP when requested.  Resources include a command post, a Zodiac, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, argo, ice rescue equipment, first aid and specialized rescue equipment.

Financial support comes from donations from local organizations, businesses, and individuals.  We have one annual fund raising drive every fall usually tickets on a snowmobile or quad.  Money which is raised goes towards our yearly operational expenses such as new equipment, training, and upkeep of our building and gear. We currently have no sustained funding.

All members receive training in rappel techniques, outdoor and winter survival, map reading, compass use, GPS work, first aid, and CPR.  Members receive radio training from the CCG.  Teaches preventive SAR and basic survival skills training to local community groups.  All members are required to take an 80 hour training course given internally by the Unit.  Training is ongoing and members are given the opportunity to attend workshops.