How is the team activated to a emergency?

Search and Rescue can only be dispatched by the RCMP or the police agency in the jurisdiction of the incident. In all cases your first step should be to call 911.


Why did it begin?

The search and rescue unit was established in October, 1983. it was developed in response to the communities’ need for a group of trained individuals to aid in the search of lost or missing individuals, or to respond to other emergency situations as requested.

What is the team’s purpose?

The organization provides assistance to the RCMP in the search for lost or missing persons.  It also secures scenes and/or transports people to safety when called upon.  In addition, the unit serves the needs of some volunteer agencies through educational displays, program assistance and presentations.

What area does it serve?

The serach and rescue Unit serves the same geographical area as that served by the Stephenville and Piccadilly RCMP detachments.  It is ready and capable for deployment 24 hours per day / seven days per week.

How does the Search and Rescue Unit operate?

The search and Rescue Unit is deployed by the RCMP.  We have a Coordinator who reports to the RCMP liaison officer when the Unit is called upon.

How is it funded?

The SAR Unit members themselves raise the funds needed for regular operations.  Actual expenses incurred during searches are reimbursed by the RCMP from the Department of Justice.  Some of our equipment has been funded by grants provided by the National Search and Rescue Secretariat.

Who are the members?

The members of the Unit are volunteers from communities in the Stephenville, Kippens, Port au Port area.  Members elect an executive to fill available positions.  Any interested persons can apply for membership in the Unit and preferably be recommended by a current member.

What training is provided?

Members are given training in First Aid, Rappelling, Map and Compass, Search Techniques, Zodiac Operation and Winter Survival.  All members are trained on new equipment as it is acquired.  Training is usually provided on weekends.

When are meetings held?

Meetings are usually help on the first Tuesday of each month from September thru June.  However, at executive may call a general meeting at any time deemed necessary.

What clothing or equipment is required?

Each SAR member is required to have his/her own outdoor clothing, boots, packs, etc.  Any additional equipment that a member may have such as a snowmobile, quadrunner, canoe, etc., will be considered an asset in a search.

What type of equipment does the Search and Rescue Unit have?

The Unit has a mobile Command Post, several 4×4 truck, UHF radios with base stations, three rescue boats, first aid equipment, mobile generators, a mobile lighting system, global positioning systems (GPS), night vision equipment, a ARGO atv,  2 quads, 2 snowmobiles, Recco transceiver system, thermal imaging camera, ice rescue equipment, low slope/high angle rope rescue equipment .