Sar Team

Reason to establish a Team:

The Search and Rescue Team was established in October of 1983. It was developed in response to the communities need for a group of  decated well trained individuals to search for lost or missing individuals, or to respond to emergency situations as requested.

What is the Team’s purpose ?

The Team provides assistance to the RCMP in the search for lost or missing persons.  It also secures scenes and/or transports people to safety when called upon. In addition, the Team serves the needs of other groups through their educational displays and programs.

What area does it serve ?

The SAR Team serves the same geographical area as that served by the Stephenville and Piccadilly RCMP detachments.  *It is ready and capable for deployment 24-7.

How does the SAR Team operate ?

 The SAR Team is deployed by the RCMP. We have a trained Coordinator who will work with the RCMP liaison when the Team is activated.

How is it funded ?

The SAR Team members themselves raise the funds needed for day to day operations.  Actual expenses incurred during searches are reimbursed by the RCMP from the Department of Justice. Some of our equipment has been funded by grants provided by the National SAR  Secretariat.

Who are the members ?

The members of the Team are all “Volunteers” from the communities of Stephenville, Kippens, Port au Port area.  *Any interested persons can apply for membership in the Team and preferably be recommended by a current member.

What training is provided ?

Members are trained to National Standards in Basic Searcher skills, then Map reading and charting, Compass and Navigation, Safety in the Field, Basic Survival and First Aid, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Radio Communications, Lost Person Behaviour, Various Search Techniques, Water Rescues, Mountain Rescues.

When are mettings held ?

Mettings are held on the first Tuesday of each month. And additional training are usually held on weekends.

What clothing or equipment is required ?

Each SAR member is given  orange coveralls, marked with safety flurecont tape and badges.  In addition each member is required to have his/her own outdoor clothing, boots, packs etc.  *Any additional equipment that a member may have such as snowmobiles, quadrunner, canoe etc. will be considered an asset in a search.

What type of equipment does the SAR Team have ?

The Team has a mobile Command Centre, two vans, one 4×4 jeep, one 4×4 crew cab truck,  three boats, VHF radios and base station.  Two mobile generators, mogbile lighting systems, global positioning systems (GPS), a mobile phone and night vision equipment.


In case of an Emergency call : 911

RCMP        :  643-2118 or 643-2119

SAR Team :   649-4000


Some Safety Tips :


  • Be prepared for your chosen Recreation :
    Being fit enough to go the distance takes physical preparation. Stick to your turnaround time (allow 1/3 of your time for the trip in, and 2/3 for the return trip). Take proper equipment, and know how to use it.
  •  Always carry the Essentials :
    Check that all equipment is in good working order before leaving home.  If necessary, be ready to stay out overnight. * Always carry extra clothes, water, high energy food (trail mix, bars) a knife and a flashlight.
  • Never go out in the wilderness Alone :
    Always go with a friend or group.  Stay within sight of one another and designate a time and place to meet in case someone does get separted. *Travel at the speed of the slowest person.
  • Do Not Panic :
    Maintain a positive mental attitude if you become lost.
    S-T-O-P  =  Sit , Think , Observe, Plan  (once this is done, you will feel better)
  • Learn to Navigate :
    Buy a compass and a map of the area you wish to travel in. *Learn how to use them. Be aware of the distance you have traveled and the time it took.
    Stay where you are,build or seek shelter, use signaling devices


Fast Facts about the SAR Team :

Our Search and Rescue Team has a strong membership of  thirty plus members


We are involved in :

–         searches for lost or missing persons

–         water or land rescues

–         security for flood control and or flood rescues

–         presentations to school and or clubs

–         the Duke of Edinburgh Program

–         Boy Scouts / Girl Guides

–         All community events – fairs, parades, fun days

We have an annual fundraising drive every fall (tickets on a snowmobile and or quad)  “winners choice”. Money raised goes towards day to day operations and equipment.

All members are required to meet National Training Standards, courses given internally by the Team through trainers.  Training is an ongoing thing and members are given the opportunity to attend workshops when available.


 For further information :

Contact —  S’ville SAR P.O.Box 564 S’ville NL A2N 3B4

Coordinator, Gerry Clark

Comments or questions are welcome.

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